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We are an independent group of professionals here to help you on every aspect of divorce. Whatever your situation and wherever you are, we can provide divorce advice, support and information on any divorce issues. Divorce Consult is back by a large firm of solicitors based in Manchester UK ( England ). We specialise in advice to the general public about divorce related matters.

Are you interested in getting a UK Divorce and want more information on the process and what it will cost you? If so fill in the online enquiry and one of our consultants at Divorce Consult will get back to very soon to help you along with the process of your divorce.

Our website allows you to read customers testimonies, facts which hopefully will help you with any questions you may have, children in divorce situations and a contact page where you can submit an enquiry or ask a question.

Particular areas of expertise include

A divorce is the legal ending of a marriage however most people associate divorce with disputes over finances, the house and other possessions, even the children. In most cases financial settlements and arrangements about the children are handled separately to the actual process of filing for divorce.

Divorce consult can help you deal with divorce, the financial settlements, the treatment of property and all aspects of the family, including access to children and parental responsibility.

We totally understand that your rights in relation to a divorce or family disputes can be very complex. We shall ensure your divorce is dealt with as quickly and cost effective as possible and any problems that might arise will be dealt with effectively ensuring your divorce is as smooth and painless as at all possible.

Divorce Consult will help you along the way to a successful divorce with the help from our divorce consultants..

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"I would like to thank Divorce Consult for the help with my divorce. I new Divorce is difficult, but I never regretted choosing Divorce Consult. They guided me through the whole process and I was also able to make my own decisions about my future the division of assets at a pace that was comfortable for me. Many thanks - keep up the good work "

Mary Ingram Sept 2015

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Divorce Consult will help you along the way to a successful divorce with the help from our divorce consultants.

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