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Grandparents Rights

Has your daughter or son’s marriage broken down and you’re worried about seeing your grandchildren?  Grandparents don’t have any legal rights but they do have the right to apply through the court.

Many grandchildren are influenced by their grandparents directly or indirectly by their grandparents taking them on trips out, looking after them when their on holiday or poorly.  Throughout divorce many children lose contact with their grandparents which, is a shame for both the grandparents and the children themselves as a relationship between these three generations should be kept alive.

If you are a grandparent and are worried this situation may happen to you then you should carefully explain how you feel to your son or daughter and explain you won’t take sides as you wish to maintain all contact with your grandchildren.  If this is successful then that’s great for you and your grandchildren.

If this is unsuccessful you can try mediation where both sides of the family agree to mediate for the sake of the children involved.

If mediation is unsuccessful then you can apply to the court as a last resort.  If the parent objects to this it’s up to the grandparents to persuade the court for access, this usually happens via a full hearing.  Y

ou will need to show that you have a meaningful and ongoing relationship with your grandchildren and it’s in their best interests to see you and not cause more problems between their mother and father.  This can take up to 6 months and maybe longer; make sure you’re not just doing it for yourself your also doing it for the welfare of your grandchildren.


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