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The average divorce occurs around 11 years of marriage and the average age of divorce is between 40 to 44.

Definition of Divorce?
A divorce happens after a husband and wife decide that they can not live together anymore and that they no longer want to be married to each other. They agree to sign legal papers that make them both single again and also allows them to marry other people if they want to. It’s the legal process ending a marriage.

What happens during the divorce process?
A divorce petition is first drafted then signed, it is then sent to court with a fee and marriage certificate. Then the court will place the court seal on the respondent’s documents and begin the process.

However, if there are any children involved next another document will have to be filled in covering the care, schooling, living arrangements. If there are no problems during this stage then the petitioner is sent a document to confirm all in the statement is true.

Finally the court file will be presented to the judge who then if satisfied with the sufficient evidence to grant the divorce will grant a certificate confirming the divorce is going to happen. Click here

Types of divorce services available

DIY Divorce
This involves the company you choose to complete and check your divorce papers within 24 hours which are ready for you to file with the courts.

Divorce and consent orders
In this package normally you will receive completed divorce papers as with the diy divorce service, but not only that but also a financial consent order which puts any agreement you have reached about your financial affairs into legal effect. Find out more

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